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How to Grow Your Business

How to Grow Your Business

  • Showcase your profile
  • Search & connect with your potential partners
  • Invite your existing partners on to the platform
Manage Your Business

How to Manage Your Business?

  • Register all new patients on the platform
  • Refer your patients using the platform
  • Track your patients progress on the platform
increase skills

How to enhance your skills?

  • Access latest industry updates
  • Showcase your achievements and receive feedback
  • Share case histories to seek advise


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Medripple is an enterprise cloud platform that helps healthcare facilities (Hospitals, primary care, specialists, dentists) build a stronger and more profitable network alongwith a faster and more efficient tracking system.
Medripple offers access to the largest provider directory in India. Once you register with your updated profile, we make it easily discoverable for your partners alongwith providing them with a more modern, streamlined way to stay in touch with you and your staff.
The complete provider community: From doctors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, labs, imaging centers, dentists, chiropractors, and more. The software will help your staff, clinicians, and marketing managers in managing and growing your referral network.
We make it easy to exchange your blood and lab results in a matter of seconds, including any image attachments (X-Rays, MRI's, PDFs, JPG, and more)
Implementation is extremely simple, Create your profile - Send a connect invite to your connections - Register patient details - Send a referral to your approved connections - Track and manage referrals.

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